Never Been Without You

Song Length 2:58 Genre Folk - Americana

Man, I LOVE this song. I just recorded my own semi-acoustic album, and this is in the wheelhouse I really enjoy. I'm giving it a perfect score (INCREDIBLY-RARE for me), even though there's 1 little thing that drove me nuts

Wow! I loved this love song. It tells the story of a life with its hard knocks, but always comes back to "never been without you" a testament to the true love that sticks with the loved one through good times and bad. The intro and first verse set things up the grateful to be alive message. Excellent and original soft rhyme: drunk/luck. Love the metaphor "my life is a river flowing to you." Just some really stellar lyric writing with a memorable melody to match. Vocals are crystal clear and come across very honest. It's not just a's a testimony beautifully presented. Great instrumentation as well.

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