UNTIL I FIND YOU (Falgares/Odella Collab.)

Song Description

A collaboration between Frank Falgares and Susan Odella...New Jersey and Minnesota - a unique combination!

Song Length 3:57 Genre Pop - Electro
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Language English


Never thought you saw me standing there - on that busy street
Watched you as you caught a glimpse of me - you tripped on your own feet
My heart did a flip - I lost my grip - I fell a little too
What's the chance of running into you another time or two?

CHORUS - Until I find you - Until I find you
Until I find you - I'll search everywhere
Until I find you - I'll go anywhere - go anywhere

Can you fall in love with just one look or is it fantasy
Waiting for you and I don't know why - you're like a part of me
Gonna keep my wishes flying high - forget reality
Once a fool and let you pass me by - No more I guarantee

BRIDGE - Looking for you everywhere I go
In each face that I see
Searching for someone I don't even know
Yet need so desperately


Lyrics Frank Falgares and Susan Odella Music Frank Falgares
Producer Frank Falgares and Susan Odella Publisher Plutonia Productions
Performance Frank Falgares and Susan Odella Label 2017 Copyright-Falgares/Odella

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