Unassuming Light

Story Behind The Song

This song was almost written in real time, I saw a girl at a party, who seemed to look toward me, no one else had noticed her. Unfortunately I was far too shy and awkward to approach her, so I was waiting for a stronger sign showing any interest, she may have had in me. |I left it too long and she walked into the kitchen, when she returned, someone beckoned her to them, my chance was gone, the saying is true, he who hesitates. The song obviously has a reverse in gender roles, as the vocals in the song are female.

Song Description

A slow ballad style song, very short.

Song Length 3:00 Genre Electronic - Trance, Pop - Dreampop
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant
Subject Sadness, Shyness Language English


A lonely spirit within, within the crowd
A whispered voice, lost in the loudness
I saw a warm and effervescent
Unassuming Light
A gentle being, teased by daring
From the crude and lack of caring
Faces staring blindly through
Your Unassuming Light

I hear a soft white breathing
Through infernal noise
A light I've never witnessed
The mass quickly destroys (around you)

Did I need anothing sign,
You gave your signal, so benignly
I lacked the nerve, but so bewitched by
Your unassuming light
Your eyes caught mine, then looked away
I struggled to fathom what to say
I felt so weak and unassured by
Your Unassuming light.

You stood from your seat, and you, walked into the dark
I raised my courage, standing, ready to embark (suddenly)

The light came clear, as you walked in
From where you stood, rhythm begins
A slow heat rose, and emanated
Your unassuming light
From once a timid, gentle soul
becomes a strong, beguiling soul
And all eyes stared, directly to
a warm and welcome sight

There's a magical quotient that's undeniable.

Trinity's "Unassuming Light" is a well built demo that has a significant potential to appeal to a wide audience. Bringing in live musicians and a more strong vocalist will better the song substantially. Very well done.

Lyrics Trinity Music Trinity
Producer Trinity Performance Ambersceptre

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